Thursday, February 24, 2011

I need your help! I might be the most indecisive person on the planet and I need help deciding on two on the best photos. I competed in the annual Wedding Photographic Society Portrait Palooza event at the lovely Renaissance Hotel in Raleigh. 10 minutes, one bride, and now i'm in a competition for the grand prize.  
So please comment and let me know your favorite two photos from the event! I've got two days to decide help me out! Thanks! 

1                                                                                                                     2                                            
3                                                                                                                     4



7                                                                                                                       8

 9                                                                                                                      10

Just for fun behind the scenes action. 


  1. 7, but i'm a sucker for a shot like that.

  2. I love #8 and #9. I think number 9 is so fresh and pretty!